How long does it take to walk 10000 steps?

How many kilometers in 10,000 paces

Physical activity, regardless of its type, is always good for the body. One of the most gentle, safe and accessible types is simple walking. It is believed that a person who regularly walks 10,000 steps a day can not only eliminate excess weight and tighten the figure. It also contributes to general wellness and the elimination of stress. Where did this particular figure come from, and what benefits does it bring to the body?


  • How many kilometers is 10,000 steps?
  • How long it takes to walk ten thousand steps
  • How many calories do 10,000 steps burn?
  • How to walk 10,000 steps without problems: helpful tips
  • Why 10,000 steps? Benefits for the body

How many kilometers is 10,000 steps?

The distance traveled is an interesting point. If you have a pedometer, it will do these calculations for you. If you need to determine this on your own, the length of the step is taken into account – it is on this that the final figure will depend.

On average, this figure will be 6-8 km.

There are several methods of accurately calculating stride lengths. This can be done taking into account the height. At a height of 175 cm, for example, the value is (1.75/4)+0.37=0.8 m.

You can learn more about how to calculate your stride length here.

You can also measure a distance of, for example, 10-12 meters and walk it at your usual speed, then divide it in centimeters by the number of steps taken and determine the average length of a step. For example, 1000 cm divided by 12 steps equals 83 cm.

And to calculate how many kilometers are in 10,000 steps, we multiply this number by the length of one step and get the desired value. For example, 0.00083 km multiplied by 10,000 equals 8.3 km.

How long it takes to walk ten thousand steps

The time it takes to walk ten thousand steps is determined by a person’s speed and stamina. It is believed that you can walk an average of five kilometers in an hour. Thus, it takes an average of 12 minutes to walk a kilometer. Calculate with your step length how many kilometers your ten thousand steps are and multiply by that value.

For example, if you have approximately 8 km for 10,000 steps, it will take you a little more than 1.5 hours. To complete the required figure faster, you can take into account the following recommendations:

  • Alternate your pace. Walking faster and burning more energy helps you to walk faster. But if you can’t do it for a long time, try to change the pace, slowing down periodically – that way you’ll walk more and won’t get tired.
  • Include distances in your usual route. Try walking a couple of stops instead of transport, and you’ll already be able to hit the right number faster.
  • Train your body in general. The better your physical condition, the faster and easier it will be to walk long distances.

Walk in comfortable shoes and clothes. Nothing should interfere with your movements.

How many calories do 10,000 steps burn?

Those who want to lose weight are primarily interested in how many calories are burned by walking, and how much can be lost by regularly walking 10,000 steps.

The number of calories expended over a certain distance is not easy to calculate. The number will also depend on the weight of the person, as well as the intensity of walking. The easiest option is to use a pedometer that has a calorie counting function. It will immediately show how much you have burned. However, it is also possible to calculate this value, taking into account the energy expenditure for walking one kilometer. You need to know approximately the length of your step. To calculate the calories you need to multiply the number of steps by the length of one (in meters), then by a person’s weight in kilograms and by 0.5. We will get the calculation of calories burned.

For example, a person weighing 80 kg has walked 10,000 steps. In kilometers it would be 10,000 multiplied by 0.7 (step length). We get a distance of 7000 m or 7 km. The latter figure is multiplied by the weight (80) and 0.5. You will get 280 kcal – this is the value of energy expended.

Thus, after walking 10,000 steps, how many calories are burned, you can determine for yourself. The average value is 250-400 kcal.

How to walk 10,000 steps without problems: helpful tips

At first this number may seem enormous. In fact, it is quite real, but it is important to walk regularly and usefully. And to make it easier, consider the following recommendations:

  • You need to clearly define your motivation. Some people count steps for their figure, others for their health. If you understand why you want to do it, you will be able to overcome the desire to give up.
  • The concept of ten thousand steps does not involve setting aside a specific time for them, but an increase in movement in principle. A significant portion of the required distance can be gained by simply walking for pleasure, by walking instead of transport, that is, by changing your lifestyle so that more space is allocated for activity.
  • Use a pedometer. You can buy it separately or download an app to your smartphone. It will take care of all the calculations. Thus, you will know how much distance you walked and how many calories you spent. You don’t need to count yourself either – it makes walking easier and more pleasant.
  • If you haven’t walked much before, don’t get hung up on a specific number right away. Walk as much as you can, and gradually increase that number by one or two thousand. In this way, you will eventually reach the required number.
  • Go for walks. Just walking is easy and pleasant. Enjoy walking and relax, not just try to get the right amount.
  • Remind yourself to get moving. At first it will be hard to get into the right rhythm, so reminders on your phone or other devices will help you not to miss your next walk. Over time, movement will become part of your routine, and you won’t need to remind yourself of it.
  • Fix your workload. Keeping track of your progress will make it easier to keep going. You can write down how much you have overcome today. It is recommended to monitor your weight and body volume. If you are exercising to lose weight, this will be the best motivation.
  • It would be good to find like-minded people. It’s more fun and enjoyable to go with someone, and it’s less likely that you’ll give up.
  • The shoes have to be comfortable and true to size, otherwise you just can’t walk much.
  • It is better to walk a small distance than to walk nothing at all. Any walk is useful, so take every opportunity to do so.

Despite the safety of walking, long distances may be contraindicated for certain categories of people. Therefore, if you have health problems, consult your doctor beforehand.

Why 10,000 steps? Benefits for the body

There is an expression concerning the fact that a person who walks 10,000 steps a day can live to be a hundred years old. Where did it come from? About 50 years ago, a research paper was written on the benefits of walking, which was the prerequisite for the first electronic pedometer. The gadget was named Manpo-Kei, which literally translated from Japanese means “meter of ten thousand steps. That is, this theory was, rather, a successful advertising move, which made it possible to sell a large number of devices.

How many steps a day should you walk, how do you know the norm for health?

The device was created by the Japanese Yoshiro Hatano. It was his observations of his compatriots that motivated him to do this. He noted that over time, the Japanese began to resemble U.S. residents who were inactive and didn’t care much about their health. To increase the activity of the population, he began to convince fellow citizens of the benefits of walking, which helps to maintain a slim body and the health of the body without effort. How much you need to walk to lose weight find out in this article. He was listened to, so many people began to monitor their movement and control their distance.

Although at first the ten thousand steps were only part of an advertising campaign, over time scientists have conducted studies proving that this number has a positive effect on the body. For constant muscle tone and proper cardiovascular function, about 10,000 to 12,000 steps should be taken throughout the day. That’s not much in general, but it can be intimidating for city dwellers who mostly travel by transport.

Why walk 10,000 steps a day? Such a number will give us the following advantages:

  • Training of the respiratory organs. During active movements a person’s pulse rate increases, respectively, the intensity of breathing increases. In order to better saturate the body with oxygen, it is recommended to breathe through the nose and exhale through the mouth while maintaining the rhythm and tempo of the movement. Activity fills the lungs with oxygen and increases their volume, which is definitely beneficial.
  • Strengthening the cardiovascular system. The advantage of walking over running is the absence of contraindications. Regular walking of 10,000 steps helps to improve the tone of the heart and blood vessels and is an excellent prevention of a wide list of pathologies.
  • Combat stress and bad moods. Walking helps to get negative thoughts out of your head and combats apathy. They increase stress tolerance and cheerfulness and reduce the risk of depression.
  • A slim and trim body. Walking, especially over long distances and at a fairly intense pace, burns a lot of calories. It also trains your abs, arms and legs, so your overall body tone increases. Walking can be a great alternative for those who do not have the opportunity for full-body exercise.
  • Improvement of blood circulation. The benefit of long walks for women is that walking improves blood circulation in the pelvic organs, and this reduces the risks of many gynecological diseases. For the male reproductive system activity also affects well, providing an active blood supply. A couple who walks a lot has a better chance of having a successful pregnancy.
  • Increase mental activity. Walking provides an opportunity to eliminate constant brain stress, gives inspiration, helps improve memory and mental performance.
  • Accelerated metabolism. Active movement stimulates the work of the intestines, which consequently digests food better. The metabolic processes are accelerated, and a person loses weight more effectively, even if he does not change his eating habits.

Also, walking 10,000 steps regularly helps prevent gastrointestinal abnormalities.

Ten thousand steps a day is a workable method of getting your figure and health in order. If you approach the process correctly, you can soon achieve significant results. For convenience, get a pedometer – it will help you control your exertion.

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