How many calories when you walk?

How many calories are burned by walking

How many calories when you walk?

The conventional wisdom is that to lose weight, you have to exercise intensely and increase your physical exertion. And many people torture themselves to the point of exhaustion in the gym and run for many kilometers in the hope of losing at least a little weight. But not everyone benefits from serious physical activity. If you have problems with joints, suffer from cardiovascular diseases, it’s better not to subject your body to high overloads.

There is a great way to burn extra calories and get rid of excess weight – it is walking. If you are not lazy and take long walks every day at least before going to bed, it is much easier to lose weight. How many calories can be consumed by walking, let’s consider in this article.

Walking vs. running – which to choose

Often people who are on a diet, arrange morning or evening jogs, in the expectation of quickly get rid of extra pounds. But do not forget that running increases the load on the knee and ankle joints. And when your weight is higher than normal, the joints are exposed to even more stress during running, which can lead to arthritis.

Running is also bad for vascular diseases. The increased exertion makes the blood run faster, and if the elasticity of the walls is compromised, which often happens in obese people, the blood vessels can not withstand and burst.

Walking is a less traumatic type of motor activity. Of course, the effectiveness of losing calories when you run or walk at a quiet pace is different. But only when it comes to running at high speed. Only experienced athletes can run a few kilometers at an accelerated pace. And when you jog, you will lose not much more calories than when you walk fast.

How to Calculate Calorie Consumption While Walking

To know how much energy you spend on your walk, you can use an online calculator. You will get the result when you enter your data:

  • weight;
  • growth;
  • walking time;
  • mileage.

As you understand, the faster you walk the allotted kilometers, the more energy you will expend. But these will be averages.

For an accurate calculation, you should also consider:

  • additional loads;
  • view of the road;
  • time of year;
  • level of physical fitness.

If you walk uphill in winter with a backpack on your shoulders, you will spend more calories over the same distance than if you walk along the seaside promenade in summer.

How many calories are burned by walking 10,000 steps

You’ve probably heard that you need to walk at least 10,000 steps a day to lose weight. This is not a myth. Medical studies conducted in Japan actually showed that subjects began to lose weight when they increased their mobility daily to 10,000 steps.

How many calories when you walk?

The average sedentary person walks 3,000 to 5,000 steps. And you need to increase your physical activity by at least twice as much, adding an hour morning or evening walk to start losing weight. To find out how many steps you walk a day, you can use a pedometer or a fitness bracelet.

How many calories when you walk?

So, how many calories will you consume if you take 10,000 steps? Let’s do the math.

The average person burns 100 calories for every two thousand steps. Accordingly, walking a distance of 10,000 steps, you will spend about 500 calories. But, as you understand, this is not an exact figure. Much depends on your speed and the terrain in which you are walking. And even the percentage of fat in your body.

Walking vigorously on hilly terrain will consume more calories. If you walk without gasping for breath and can carry on a conversation while walking, your energy expenditure will be less. Obese people will expend more calories walking 10,000 steps than thin people. The higher a person’s weight, the more energy the heart expends to move, and the more calories the body burns.

Age is also an important factor in burning calories. With each passing year, muscle tissue is lost and metabolism slows down. This means that as you get older, you have to work harder to expend the same amount of calories as you did when you were young.

Taking all factors into account, we can say that a person spends an average of about 400 calories walking 10,000 steps per day.

How many calories are burned in one hour of walking

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. Calorie burning depends not only on the time you spend on physical activity, but also on the intensity of exercise and your weight.

The table will help you figure out approximately how many calories you will spend walking in one hour:

kg/km/h 50 55 60 65 70 75 80 85 90
3 125 130 136 142 153 160 164 176 184
4 155 158 162 166 168 174 185 192 212
5 182 186 191 196 210 218 226 235 250
6 220 226 232 239 246 252 269 278 297
7 289 298 312 324 338 359 390 412 435
8 380 387 400 426 438 452 487 512 575
9 468 479 486 500 532 546 568 576 615

To get more accurate results, use the calculator.

As you have understood, the more a person weighs and walks at a higher speed, the higher his energy expenditure is. But this does not mean that at 90 kg you should walk for an hour at a speed of 9 km in order to improve your performance. Such a speed for an obese person will do more harm than good.

Try to choose a pace so that your heart rate does not exceed 120 beats per minute, and you do not suffocate while walking. But the load should be a little more than you’re used to. At this pace, you can easily walk for an hour and still consume enough calories.

How many calories are burned in a 1 km walk

The energy expenditure depends not on the distance walked, but on the speed of walking. If you stretch a one-kilometer walk for a whole hour, you are unlikely to achieve significant results. But short distances are good because you can walk them at an accelerated pace.

If you make it a habit to walk to work or get up from transport a few stops earlier, you can spend an additional 50-100 calories each day walking about a kilometer, depending on your weight and walking speed.

Try to speed up at least part of the way, pretending to be late. This way you will always be on time for work, get a boost of energy in the morning, and a heavy breakfast will not put off into extra pounds.

How many calories are burned in a 5 km walk

At an average speed, a person walks 5 km in an hour. If you stick to this pace in walking, you will spend from 180 to 250 calories, depending on your weight. But by increasing the speed for at least part of the distance, you can achieve better results and consume about 300 calories.

How many calories are burned by walking 10 km

Only physically trained people can walk such a distance at a fast pace. Most of the time, a 10-kilometer walk lasts 2.5 to 3 hours. If you walk ten kilometers every day, you can achieve good results at a slower pace. You will expend 300 to 500 calories over a 10-kilometer distance.

In addition to energy expenditure, you will tighten your leg muscles, help your blood vessels become more elastic, and get an increased dose of oxygen if your walk is not along the track. For a month of daily walking at a distance of 10 km you can get rid of 2-3 extra kg, without changing your diet.

Proper walking technique

When you’re not just walking, but using walking instead of fitness training, you need to take the right steps:

  • Keep your head up and look forward;
  • The neck and shoulders should be relaxed;
  • While walking, you should swing your arms slightly bent at the elbows;
  • Keep your back straight;
  • Tense your abdominal muscles and tighten your buttocks;
  • step smoothly, rolling your foot from heel to toe.

So you will not get tired during walking even for long distances, you can easily take the right pace and tighten the muscles of the hips, abdomen, legs and arms during the movement.

How to increase the efficiency of walking

To get the best results on the walk, use the tips from the experts:

  • master Nordic walking with poles;
  • Add small ankle weights;
  • Try to walk more on mountainous terrain or stairs;
  • walk part of the way at a faster pace;
  • gradually increase the distance;
  • Combine walking with exercise on athletic fields.

Make it a habit to take daily walks and you will realize how useful and exciting it is. You can learn more about the surrounding nature, visit new places. But you will also spend time with health benefits.

Regular walking not only helps you get rid of extra pounds. You will improve your health, strengthen your joints and muscles, normalize your blood pressure, calm your nerves and improve your mood.

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