How much should I walk to lose weight?

Does walking help you lose weight?

Well-known fact: walking helps people lose weight. This is one of the easiest ways to get your figure in order. But what should a person do, for whom running, especially a long one, is not yet available or is not available at all?

Often people who are overweight have difficulty jogging. The reason may be internal self-doubt or health problems.

Is there a closer and more affordable way to lose weight? Yes, walking is great for this. This is a natural human movement that benefits the body and helps burn excess calories.


Active walking differs little from running in a sparing mode. How to lose weight with the help of hiking, what requirements and rules must be taken into account and how much to walk in order to lose extra pounds and improve physical fitness? Let’s figure it out in this article.

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Walk actively

It is not enough just to go outside and spend 5 minutes walking to the nearest store. To lose weight, your walking must be active, long and regular.

Calorie burning does not occur due to the process of movement itself, but due to an increase in heart rate. For most people, the optimal heart rate from active exercise occurs when walking at 5 km / h. With a long workout of 50 minutes or more, such a rhythm will allow you to keep the body under the necessary load and actively burn fat cells.

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Control your pulse

To keep track of the right rhythm, experienced runners train by heart rate. Like this? You deliberately move in the most effective heart rate zone for a particular workout, without lowering or increasing the rhythm. Determining the heart rate zone is simple, but please note that you should not stick to general figures, since each heart rate zone is measured individually:

  • First you need to determine your maximum heart rate (MHR). For the first time, you can use an outdated, but still applicable formula: 220 is your age. For example, if you are 40 years old, then your maximum allowable heart rate is 180 beats. A more accurate result in determining the MHR can be obtained by passing the appropriate test in a sports clinic or during classes under the supervision of a coach.
  • Next, you need to identify the “fat-burning” zone. It is no more than 70-80% of the maximum allowable heart rate. Therefore, with a maximum allowable frequency of 180 beats per minute, the most effective for fat burning will be a pulse of 126-144 beats.

To measure the pulse, the most convenient option would be a smartwatch with a function for measuring heart rate (HR). For maximum accuracy, such watches can be supplemented with a chest strap. The watch usually has five heart rate zones. For fat burning, the second of them is better suited, but many are equal to the third, the so-called green cardio zone.

If there is no such equipment, you should carefully listen to your body. Breathing has become more frequent, and you feel a lack of oxygen, an increase in body temperature, and reddening of the skin? Having trouble trying to speak? Then it is worth lowering your pace to reach the effective heart rate zone.

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Exercise Regularly

To burn calories, walking must become regular. To walk more often, accustom yourself to new routes, abandon the vehicle if there is not much to go to the required point, or just go home and mind your own business. For example, you can stand on the WalkingPad and talk on the phone or watch TV shows at the same time. In addition, the advantage of the track is that it itself maintains the optimal pace in the required heart rate zone.

At home, you yourself will not notice how quickly your workout will go.

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How much should you walk every day?

We are used to the cherished goal of 10 steps. Typically, this daily rate is indicated in applications for running and walking, on pedometers, etc. However, do not rely solely on these figures. You can move at different speeds, and practice on different surfaces – there are a lot of details, and they affect performance in different ways. Therefore, when losing weight, intensive movement and its duration are important, and not just the number of steps taken.

We recommend that you adhere to the following rules:

Your training should be continuous and long. The optimal time is from 50 minutes since from about this time the process of fat burning starts in the body.

Stick to a moderate pace that will match your physical capabilities. Of course, walking should be active, but if you experience noticeable difficulties, it is better to slow down your pace.

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Keep track of your load

If active walking is difficult for you, it means that the body is not yet ready for such loads. This is manifested in a high heart rate and is associated with insufficient muscle preparation.

Then, for example, start with 30, not 50 minutes of walking and add a few minutes to the next workouts. The load should be increased gradually.

To cope with the load, you can alternate different paces of walking. For example, 1 minute at a fast pace, 3 minutes at a calm pace.

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Balance your diet

Without proper nutrition, no workout, whether running or walking, will bring the proper result, and the process of losing weight will become problematic.

Your diet must be balanced. It is important to fill the body with nutrients and vitamins, to refuse uncontrolled consumption of junk food, and also not to forget about the water-salt balance.

Note that proper nutrition is not starvation and severe restrictions. Such an approach, on the contrary, can negatively affect training and the body.

So to summarize:

  • Walking helps you lose weight. It is an effective alternative for those who cannot run.
  • For walking to bring results, you need to train at the most efficient pace. This is where heart rate training comes in handy.
  • Effective training is continuous and continuous training. The optimal training time is from 50 minutes.
  • Training should become regular. For example, 3-4 times a week. Only in this way will it bring the desired result.
  • Walking and even running is not enough. You need to monitor your diet, water-salt balance, and healthy lifestyle.
  • If you do not like walking a lot, try to buy a puppy – walking with a dog will help you to walk more.

Active walking not only helps to burn calories but also generally has a beneficial effect on the body. Move at a pace that is comfortable for you and get not only benefit from it but also pleasure!

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