Why do my hands swell when I walk?

Swollen hands when walking: what to do?

При ходьбе отекают руки: что делать?


Some people, after taking a day’s walk and coming home, notice some enlargement of their fingers. This enlargement is called swelling and is indicative of a person’s health problem. The most common reason why the upper extremities swell while walking is a sedentary lifestyle. Also, do not rule out diseases of important vital organs, such as heart ailments, malfunctions of the kidneys and liver.

Do not self-medicate. See a doctor at the first sign of illness.

  • Reasons
  • Symptoms of puffiness
  • Duration of symptoms
  • What to do if your hands are swollen?
  • What can’t I do if my hands are swollen?

Important: If you find swollen hands, you should immediately consult a doctor to determine the cause of the ailment.


There are three main reasons why the upper extremities swell while walking. Let’s look at each one separately:

  1. A sedentary person is less likely to have swollen hands because the upper and lower extremities actively participate in the walking process. When a sedentary person walks, his or her arm work is passive. The muscles of the legs push the blood from below and direct it upward. The blood, reaching the upper extremities, begins to gradually accumulate there, as the hands are practically immobile. Thus, the accumulated blood in the upper extremities is the cause of the swelling.
  2. The human body tends to sweat when walking, and sweat is nothing more than evaporation as a result of reaching a high temperature. As the body heats up, blood circulation increases, and the hands experience the coolness of the outside air at this point. In order to keep the upper extremities warm, the body directs blood flow to the hands, causing the extremities to swell.
  3. If there is a malaise of the vital organs, there may also be a process of swollen hands when walking. A metabolic disorder makes it difficult to remove water (that a person has drunk) from the body. This water accumulates in the soft tissues of the body, especially those that are immobile. Also causes can be such diseases: hypertension, dystonia, spasms of cerebral blood vessels.

Symptoms of puffiness

Отеки рук при ходьбе: почему опухают кисти рук

Symptoms of swollen hands

Symptoms of swelling include swelling of the fingers and toes. It can be subtle and a person may not notice it, or it can be noticeable, with swelling so large that it is impossible to even clench a hand into a fist. The swelling can be detected in the following ways:

  1. After a walk, put your hands on the table and look at them. Usually the swelling is noticeable, unless of course it is a mild form.
  2. Putting a finger of the other hand to the hand and pressing lightly, you can see the following picture: the finger seems to sink into the skin.
  3. When you release the finger – the skin will return to its original position.

You can also try removing the ring from your finger – if the removal is painful, you can say with certainty that the finger is swollen.

Swelling can present as swelling of the entire hand or just a part of it. It is usually painless, but sometimes unpleasant. For example, there is a “tightness” of the skin in the place where the lump is formed, which causes discomfort to the person.

The swelling is accompanied by redness in the hand, indicating a build-up of blood in the upper extremities. If you press on the red bump, it will change color from red to blue, and when you release it, it will return to its original color.

Duration of symptoms

Swelling of the hands after walking can have different durations. Of course, it will go away sooner or later, but when? If the cause is a sedentary lifestyle, the duration of this symptom can be from half an hour to a day. This is influenced by factors such as what the person will be doing during this time, and whether he will try to get rid of the symptom.

If the swelling is due to a medical condition, it can take more than a day to become swollen. When you notice that the swelling is not going down, you should visit your doctor right away.

What to do if your hands are swollen?

Отеки рук при ходьбе: почему опухают кисти рук

Hand swelling

After the swelling has been detected, you should try to free your hands from foreign objects (rings, watches, bracelets). If you know in advance that your hands are swollen, it is better to refrain from wearing these objects.

Important: Severe swelling can lead to blockage of blood vessels in the area where the ring is located, and this will lead to the death of skin areas.

After freeing your hands from the objects, you should lie down and try to relax. You can take a shower, which will help relieve tension and swelling of the limbs. You can take a bath with sea salt, and the water temperature should not exceed the temperature of the body. If the symptom does not disappear after a few hours, it is necessary to go to the clinic to make an accurate diagnosis.

The following foods should be included in the diet: watermelon, milk, cottage cheese, cucumbers, natural juices and herbs. These foods consist of solid vitamins, which help to relieve swelling and get rid of swollen hands.

What can’t I do if my hands are swollen?

1. Don’t drink a lot of fluids.

2. Do your warm-up in the morning with your hands.

3. avoid salty, greasy, and spicy foods. Alcohol and tobacco products will only make things worse.

4. Do not apply cold objects to the swelling.

Important: To reduce the effect of swollen hands when walking, you should try to be more active, if this symptom is not due to the disease of important organs of the person.

In any case, in order to determine the exact cause of the swelling of the hands, you must visit a specialist who will examine and diagnose it.

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